Zheani - The Line / Satanic Prostitute Vinyl

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The Line / Satanic Prostitute Vinyl

The Line
Zheani’s first full length Project “The Line” is just that a line. A line representing the boundary of fear that Zheani willingly steps across. A line in the sand that a person crosses knowing full well the consequences. The line between good and evil that runs down every soul.

On this project Zheani fuses genres as distant as Pop and Trap Metal. No theme is of bounds, as Zheani bluntly explores traumas inflicted upon her by the opposite ends of the human hierarchy. From the obstacles she facing growing up poor with chaotic parents that never abandoned the rock and roll lifestyle, to intentional malice wielded by celebrated narcissistic celebrities. Despite her vulnerability and the pain, Zheani stands boldly in the face adversity, a new feminine archetype embodying strength in a strange new age. 

Satanic Prostitute
Zheani’s EP “Satanic Prostitute”  is a direct response to the fall out following the release of “The Line”. A sonic sigil encapsulating indignant rage. Zheani uses her opponents weight against them like a judo master and viciously screeches her lyrics like a shaman prophesizing her enemies doom. 

“Satanic Prostitute was made over four days, and you can hear that sense of urgency in the music; Zheani races over the beats, put together by King Yosef, barely stopping to breathe. Across the four tracks, she pushes herself to experiment with new sounds — opener "Carry On" finds Zheani experimenting with cold-blooded pop, while Cameronazi collab "Stabbed Her to Death" coasts on blunt-force electronics.” -The Fader

Track Listing:
-Bleed For Me
-Powder Tuff
-Can't Trust A Bitch
-The Red
-Lie & Look
-Burn The Witch
-I Have To Cum Everytime
-The Question
-Carry On
-Vanilla Ice 2020
-Stabbed Her To Death
-Whore Of Babylon